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The Society

The society was formed in 1995, by a bunch of work colleagues who needed an excuse to go out for a drink after work, but who didn't want to admit that it was the drinking that was the main point of the evening.

Players of varying ability would hack around whichever local golf course would accept them and then cringe with embarrassment while the score were read out in the nearest pub after the round.

These days, people having moved on, the membership is a more eclectic mix of people, although all blessed with the same ambition - to get to the nearest bar as soon as decency will allow.

Four awards are in the gift of the Society - The Suckling Pig Trophy, The Durex Shield, The Douglas Bader Trophy and, most recently, The President's Trophy. The shield had been retired because it was won outright by 3-times champion Kev Ryan in 2005. However Kev has kindly re-donated the Shield, to be competed for in perpetuity.

The Bader Trophy can only be competed for by members who have had invasive surgery in the knee area. The new President's Trophy (don't' get excited the 'new' refers to the Trophy not the President) will be contested at the whim of the Committee.

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The Society's previous incarnation FTBP GS's Site was maintained by Phil Smith, can be accessed via the Archive link.

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