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Current Handicaps

Dick Whittington1111
Ian Johnstone1515
Kevin Wray1717
Del Woolley1818
Ian Wilson2525
Angus Gibbins2626
Phil Smith3030
Pete Brew3030
Kev Havlin3030
Nigel Woodus3636
Dave Townsend3736
Pete Ormshaw4536
Kev Ryan4736

CGS Handicap Rules

The first column shows handicaps to be used in friendly games between society members and the competitions for the Durex Shield.

The second column lists handicaps to be used in games with non-Society members (if you can persuade them to let you play off 36!) and matches for the Suckling Pig and Douglas Bader trophies.

The Handicap Committee's decisions are always final. Appeals may be lodged under special circumstances which involve lots of beer and bribes, usually on a Thursday evening.